About Us

Kindness looks good on people.

And so does Balmedy.

We’re passionate about treating and pampering our skin with Mother Nature’s potency.

No thorns on this rose!

Smooth and Soothe Floral Face & Body Scrub

Nourish and Rejuvenate. Made with 100% real flowers, get brighter and smoother skin with this aromatic floral scrub.

Sorry, cellulites aren’t invited.

Anti-cellulite Anti-age Coffee Face & Body Scrub

Tighten and Antioxidant. Made with 100% Arabica Coffee, scrub the years away to reveal revitalized skin.

Our Products

Body Scrub

Get skin so smooth, a baby will be jealous. Balmedy’s scrubs are made with natural ingredients, zero synthetics, and lots of TLC!



Your skin deserves only the best.

And so do the furry friends of SPCA Selangor

Every purchase with Balmedy is a furry life made better at SPCA.