Smooth and Soothe Floral Face & Body Scrub

Nourish and Rejuvenate

There’s no more thorns on this beautiful rose!

Pamper yourself with this aromatic floral scrub. Filled with real rose petals, chamomile flowers, and a hint of geranium oil, this scrub helps to brighten and smoothen your skin, giving you an effortless glow.

*Note for allergic peeps: This product contains floral and honey!


What’s in me:

Balmedy Website Icon Rose Petals

Rose petals

Rejuvenating and soothing
Balmedy Website Icon Chamomile Petals

Chamomile petals

Anti-inflammatory and brightening
Balmedy Website Icon Honey


Nourishing and healing
Balmedy Website Icon Sugar


Natural and gentle exfoliator
*Also includes: Geranium oil, glycerin, aloe vera extract.

Use me like this:

Step 1

Wet your skin thoroughly.

Step 2

Apply scrub with your hands and exfoliate skin gently in circular motions.

Step 3

Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.