Plump & Juicy Botanical Lip Serum

Nourish and Moisturize

From Mother Nature straight to your lips! With the potent power of 5 key botanical ingredients, get healthier, nourished lips and say bye to dry, chapped ones.

*Note for allergic peeps: This product contains essential oils!



What’s in me:

Grapeseed Oil  – Vitamin E & C to protect skin’s barrier.

Apricot Kernel Oil  – Softens and moisturizes.

Sunflower Oil Anti-oxidant and nourishing.

Coconut Oil Anti-microbial and healing for chapped lips.

Castor Oil Retains moisture and hydrates skin.

Use me like this:

Step 1

Apply thin layer of serum onto clean, dry lips.

Step 2

Gently pat in for full absorption.

Step 3

Wait until fully absorbed before applying other lip products. Apply overnight for best results.