0% Harmful Synthetics.

100% Natural Ingredients.

100% Balmedy.

Balmedy is born from a humble kitchen that aims to deliver freshly-made natural skincare products to you.

We’re passionate about treating our skin with kindness and without harmful synthetics. Freshly picked and 100% pure, ingredients are chopped, blended, and whipped into quality products, all hand-made in Balmedy’s kitchen.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

Natural Ingredients

From Mother Nature, straight to your skin!

You’ll only find the finest natural ingredients in our products and no harmful chemicals.

Zero Synthetic and Artificial Fragrances

Tired of reading super long ingredient lists with hard-to-pronounce names? 

Ya… we’re not here for that either. You won’t find any harmful synthetics or artificial fragrances in our products, only familiar and natural ones.

Free from Animal Testing

Psstttt….. Did we mention we’re an ethical and cruelty-free brand? We’re animal lovers, so no animal testing for us.

Curated with Care

From making to packaging, we prepare all of them by hand. So, you can be assured every little package is crafted with care down to the tiniest details!