Balmedy was born in a kitchen as a homespun regime in search of relief for the body and mind. We believe in taking control of our well-being so that we can protect ourselves from the side effects of excessive modern-edge and technology. As passionate advocates, we want to help the people and the planet to be happier.

The little things count to ensure that you have a good experience with our products.

Natural Ingredients

Nature has the ability to heal and nurture us. Natural ingredients are our top priority and we stay away from harmful chemicals.

Curated with Care

Our products are created to awaken our senses. It is also our pride to ensure that the littlest details from the packaging to the end product are crafted with care.

Free from Animal Testing

We value all forms of life and so be it with animals, we don’t hurt them because we love them.

Passion and Trust

We strive to provide the best and we do not recommend something that we don’t love and think worthy of your time. Above all, we value your trust.